Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 in Review

Well, its been a another great year for this ol' man from Montana or should I say Arizona since that is where I spent most of my childhood. Or maybe it from Northern California since this is where I have spent the last 26 years. Whatever, its been a good year.

We were fortunate to resurect the Granite Bay Safari Chapter and put on the 15 Annual fundraiser in June with the help of alot of dedicated SCI members, Al, Tony, Claude Jeff and Dan and my family.thanks everyone  for your support to keep Granite Bay Active. And to all the members who supported us to rebuild and regain our Chapter with SCI.

We had a good summer fixing the house up and enjoying our new liner to our pool during the hot spell. It was a work in progress to get the new liner in our pool but we made it work.

In September,our Dan and Emily tied the knot in Jackson. Mom and I were so honored to be the officials of the ceremony, what a beautiful day and couple.

Spent some of August with Dan and Emily in Nevada chasing Antelope bow hunting, no not me, but Dan did fill his tag after nine days of heat, wind, and many stalkes to get in range of those goats. I was just along for the ride but enjoyed scouting with their dog Kona.

In November, Dan, Emily,her parents and I headed for a late season whitetail hunt up in Idaho. New experience for all of us. Camped on the Selway River and enjoyed a beautiful experience chasing the deer with whitetails. Dan bagged a great dear, Emily a big doe, John, Emilys father a nice buck and I got some great pics. Just could not close the deal but had a great time hunting them deer  in the rut.

So here we are ready for the holidays. We had a major snow storm a few weeks ago which set the stage for the holidays.

I wish all my followers and friends a safe and peaceful Holiday Season. Be thankful for all you have and this great country we live in. Say a few prayers to all those in the military that protect us to be safe and come home soon.

Thanks to all my family, Dan, Emily, Ashlei, Adam, Mease and my Love Toni  for all your support this year and letting the ol'man be the ol'man. , Kiwi, Mojo, and Tinker along with Bo and Bella, not pictured. What a Family!

Merry Christmas and Happey New Year! See you in 2014!

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